Thursday, 19 July 2012

DIY - Dip Dyed Shorts

So, I dip dyed a pair of shorts that I cut from jeans and I think they look pretty cool. I've seen alot of theese type of dip dyed shorts in topshop but in different colours.. and they are like flippen 34 squid so I decided to make my own :D!
I took inpiration from theese bad boys and I know they look much better than mine but mine were free and the are 34 pounds.... so awhh well.

To create theese great dip dyed shorts all I done was...........
1) Covered the section of the shorts I wanted to have an ombre effect with bleach.
2) Left them to change colour.
3) Rinsed them out.
4) Stuck them in the wash (BY THEM SELFS.... you don't want eveyone elses stuff having bleach all over it!) to get all the bleach of them.
4) Rock them ; D


Friday, 29 June 2012


Hello chicaassss!! Okay, anyone heard of youtube?? Yeah I though so.. well here is my channel : )
I only started it so I only gots 1 video up, but more comingg soon!!!
It shall be about makeup and fashion and stuuufff.. my channel name is called mellowfashion.

LINKS ;D - my channel homepage thannggg - my video


Monday, 25 June 2012

lunch outfit!

I wore this outfit out to lunch, I think this would be more of a dressy lunch outfit but you could change the shoe's to something like boaters and it would instantly make this a very casual outfit!

The top is just a nice cute crop top with lace and crochet detailing which I love, the jeans I just rolled up the ends to make them look like ankle grazers (I really want to get topshop ankle grazer though) then I added a sunshine yellow belt for some colour

The shoes are wedges, I absolutely love wedges I think they are alot more casual to wear during the day, theese ones are a grass green colour and they are a plastic shiny material which I like, the wedge section is weaven so they just look nice and summery!

Jeans from primark.
Belt from primark.

Wedges from next .

Top from new look.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Hello, I am Chloe... I have made a blog to post things about my life, about fashion and well whaterver i feel like : ).

I am 13 but I will be 14 in August... I get off for summer in 4 days so I decided to create a blog now because my exams are over I wont have anything to do like go to school and things after school like piano lessons, hockey and different shizzle.
I have a youtube but I don't like the video's I have up so I will be deleting them all and starting fressshhh (I will tell you about it and the link in a different postt.. ;)

I can't wait to post stuff so ima gonnaa go, ; ) don't forget to is it follow? I'm kinda new to the whole blogger thing.. : P I read blogs but have never known how following people worked.... I just new the blogs I liked and every so often would search them on google and see if they had any new posts : L
Soooo lets see how this turns out!

                           ;) x