Monday, 25 June 2012

lunch outfit!

I wore this outfit out to lunch, I think this would be more of a dressy lunch outfit but you could change the shoe's to something like boaters and it would instantly make this a very casual outfit!

The top is just a nice cute crop top with lace and crochet detailing which I love, the jeans I just rolled up the ends to make them look like ankle grazers (I really want to get topshop ankle grazer though) then I added a sunshine yellow belt for some colour

The shoes are wedges, I absolutely love wedges I think they are alot more casual to wear during the day, theese ones are a grass green colour and they are a plastic shiny material which I like, the wedge section is weaven so they just look nice and summery!

Jeans from primark.
Belt from primark.

Wedges from next .

Top from new look.


  1. I love the Next wedges, lovely colour! can I just say omg your hair is long! it is taking me ages to grow mine to my shoulders!

    1. Thank-you so much! I really appriciate it :)
      Don't forget if to follow if you want and I will deffiantly be checking your blog out :) x

  2. love this outfit and the red lips :)xx